The clothing and accessories that you need for Yoga



Yoga is simple and you can easily do it at home: in your living room or, if the weather permits, it can also be done outside. You don’t need much for yoga, but there are a few things that make things a little easier.

All necessities

Below is a list of all products that you can use for yoga. I will explain them one by one in this article, but it is nice to first have them listed so that you can easily check it off if you want to start practicing yoga.

Yoga mat
Yoga clothing
Yoga blocks
Yoga belt
Meditation cushion
Yoga towel
Yoga ball
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# 1 Yoga mat

There are many types of yoga mats that can make you lose the overview. When choosing the right yoga mat you should especially consider the following factors:

The thickness: The average yoga mat is 4-6 mm thick.
The grip
Material. Tip: PVC yoga mats last 10 years and are easy to clean!
With or without carrying strap
What kind of yoga mat you choose will depend on what type of yoga you practice. If you lie on your mat a lot, you can opt for a thicker yoga mat.

Extra special mats

There are also yoga mats that have a wider effect. Think of the  Ayurvastram Yogamat   The uniqueness of the Ayurvastram yoga mat that are used in the production of the mat over twenty medicinal plant extracts. Together they create the right synergy for an optimal Yoga session. These herbs are not only responsible for the yellow / gray color of the mat, but each also has their specific, medicinal properties. For example, Tulsi has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps with proper focus during Yoga. So are you looking for even more floor on your yoga mat then this is a nice addition.

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If you also use your mat for meditations or other relaxation exercises, a woolen yoga mat is also a nice addition.

This yoga mat gives a pleasant feeling during your exercises. It is made of Merino wool, among other things, and lets you experience a different experience. The mat has been carefully crafted and as a true yoga practitioner you will soon experience the difference and will never want anything else.

# 2 Yoga clothing

Your clothing also depends on the type of yoga you practice, but the clothing must be loosely in order to move freely. The basis is simple: A yoga pants and a t-shirt that is not tight around your body. You can wear a sports bra under a wide t-shirt, which is also great for your own comfort.

3 types of pants

With the pants you can distinguish 3 types, the baggy pants, nice and loose with often a low hanging crotch. The “colored, it can’t be crazy enough” tight pants. And the ordinary black pants with a slightly wide leg.

You almost always practice yoga barefoot, but there are also special yoga socks . With these socks you have more grip on slippery surfaces. These socks are very nice for warming up. After that you can of course choose to take them off.

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After yoga there is a final relaxation to relax and stretch your muscles. A cardigan is therefore not a superfluous luxury. You can also put on a vest during yoga if you sit still a lot.

# 3 Yoga block

Do you recognize yourself in this? Looking around and wondering if you are the only one who is not flexible? You are certainly not the only one! A yoga block can therefore help you to do yoga postures, see it as a tool. The block supports you wherever you want so that you can safely adopt “more difficult” positions. There are different types of yoga blocks, from large to small and they are made from various materials. Here you can find a nice offer for yoga blocks combined with a yoga belt .

# 4 Yoga belt

You can use a yoga belt to support specific body parts and to hold them together more easily. The belt is very nice for new postures. This way you can practice the posture without having trouble keeping your feet together for example. With the aid you can still take the posture and you become more flexible so that you can practice the posture without the belt.

# 5 Meditation cushion

A meditation cushion makes it more comfortable to take sitting postures for a longer period of time. Most meditation cushions are round, but there are many types so you have plenty of choice. The pillow brings your back and neck into the correct position.

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# 6 Blanket

A simple blanket can still apply. You can roll it up so that it can properly support body parts such as your head or lower back. You can also use the blanket to stay warm during the final relaxation.

# 7 Yoga towel

The yoga towel is an addition to your yoga mat. The towel has the same dimensions as a yoga mat and can therefore be used in combination with the mat. To keep your yoga mat as clean as possible, the towel is a hygienic addition. The special yoga towel ensures that you have more grip, even during sweating. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, a yoga towel is also very nice. You can also use the towel as a replacement for a mat if you want to practice it at home.

# 8 Yoga ball

Yoga ball
A yoga ball can be used for many things, just sitting on it does wonders for your posture! The ball is often used for exercises that have to do with your balance. This way you can easily practice your balance at home and improve your posture. You can also use the ball as an aid during cardio exercises!

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