Samsung also unveils impressive 98-inch 8K television


Samsung 8K 98-inch television

Our mouths were already open today by the people of Sony . The producer unveiled a 98-inch 8K television during CES 2019, which is part of the new Master Series line-up. But where Samsung previously unveiled an impressive 85-inch 8K TV during the fair, the producer adds a little extra. The brand new Q900 OLED series also includes a bunch of 8K models. And where 85-inch is already spicy, Samsung comes with a real 98-inch model.

Samsung unveils 98-inch 8K television

While Samsung surprised friend and foe with its impressive 85-inch 8K television, it was just the tip of the iceberg. The producer has unveiled its complete Q900 series for 2019 and introduces a giant version. Where 85-inch was already impressive enough, Samsung also comes with a 98-inch version of the device. Something we saw earlier at Sony earlier today. Those who want to take it a little more modestly can also work with a 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 85-inch model.

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Samsung 8K 98-inch television

The entire Q900 series uses a Quantum Processor 8K chip, which is supported by AI technology to scale up content to an 8K resolution. Of course you have to take that with a grain of salt. Our old YouTube videos with 720p resolution will not look much nicer in 8K. Of course, the technology is important because in 2019 not much 8K content has been shot.

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In the field of software, Samsung has significantly improved its Universal Guide. This makes it a lot easier to find content and the TV has the most recent version of Bixby. In addition, Alexa and Google Assistant are supported and we see the first traces of Samsung’s collaboration with Apple . That means that iTunes and AirPlay 2 can be used via the new Q900 series.

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Samsung 8K 98-inch television

When the televisions appear on the market is not yet known, just like the actual prices. Based on the € 15,000 that the 85-inch set last year, you do not have to go out of a bargain for the 98-inch model.


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