Philips makes your garden smarter with new Hue Outdoor line-up


During the summer of 2018 Philips came with an expansion for its Hue lamps . The smart lights were previously only available for indoor use, but with Outdoor also relocated to the outside air. Front doors become more colorful because of the lamps and back gardens will carry more atmosphere. Philips sees a lot of potential in the Outdoor line-up and therefore adds a number of new products. 

Expansion for Philips Hue Outdoor

CES 2019 is packed with producers and developers to show their latest gadgets to the world. One of these producers is Philips. In the summer of 2018 the company came with an outdoor version of its popular Hue line-up. With the name Hue Outdoor, back gardens and front gardens had to be provided with beautifully colored light from that moment on. Meanwhile, we are a few months further and a supplement for the series is announced. Philips adds a scoop.

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In the first quarter of 2019 we can expect new sensors and lamps from Hue Outdoor. Philips announces this at CES 2019, one of the largest tech exchanges in the world. The manufacturer comes with a brand new weatherproof motion detector, which can be fully controlled via the supplied app and is also wireless. This sensor is complemented by no less than six brand new Hue Outdoor lamps. From White spotlights to colored and from ceiling lamps to wall lamps: everything is there.

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The new Philips Hue Outdoor range is as follows:

Hue Outdoor Sensor | Motion detector – € 49.99
Hue White Welcome White spotlight – € 129.99
Hue White & Color Ambiance | Colored spotlight – € 149.99
Hue White & Color Ambiance Econic | Colored and white ceiling lamps, wall lamps and corridor lamps – from € 129.99
Hue White & Color Ambiance Impress | Colored and white wall lamp and path lighting – from € 109.99
Hue White FUZO | White wall lamps and lamps on a pedestal – from € 79.99
Hue Outdoor Calla | Larger version of the Calla released in 2018 – from € 139.99
Philips Hue Outdoor CES 2019

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It is intended that the new Philips Hue Outdoor line-up is available in the first quarter of 2019. When that is exactly, it is not yet known at this time.


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