Ford saves your dogs during old and new with noise-canceling doghouse


Two weeks ago, we all celebrated old and new, and in addition to a lot of food and champagne, there is of course also fireworks. For us people, that firework is a nice ending to the old year and a smashing start to the new year. For dogs, these fire arrows, fountains and bangers are a real hell, and the animals usually try to hide themselves with man and power. Ford has decided to do something about this and is working on a doghouse with noise canceling.

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Doghouse with noise canceling
At the moment Ford has a prototype of the noise-canceling cottage, which looks pretty futuristic. Inside the thing are microphones that register or fireworks are shot. If that is the case, a built-in audio system takes action that provides opposite frequencies. This would already result in the sound of the fireworks getting a lot less in the doghouse. In addition, the loft itself is made of cork with a high density, which should also ensure damping of the sound.

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Ford doghouse

Auto-tech in everyday products
Ford does not suddenly come out of nowhere with this noise-canceling technology, but it has been copied for this with its Edge SUV. There, the technology is used to make the noise of, among other things, the engine less disturbing. Furthermore, the automaker wants to put multiple products on the market to solve everyday problems with tech, which is used in their cars .

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The kennel would be the first product from this new series, but unfortunately the redeeming house is not yet for sale. Hopefully it will appear at least before the end of the year, so that the new year also starts nicely for dogs. In the meantime, you can already pamper your dog on Snapchat. Since the end of last month there are also special filters for your four-legged friend.


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