Compare health insurance: switch or not?


Everywhere around you you see advertisements from health insurance companies that are trying to commit you for the coming year. Is it smart or not to switch? And what should you pay particular attention to? I would like to help you make a wise choice. Simply choosing the cheapest health insurance policy is usually not the best option. In a number of situations, again. Everything stands or falls with the question of what your care needs are.

Objectively comparing based on your specific situation

You can compare health insurance policies in different ways. To begin with, you should list the care that you may already be using. Examples of this are physiotherapy and visits to the dentist or alternative medicine. Then you look to which hospital you want to go if necessary.

With health insurance you have the choice of a reimbursement policy or a policy in kind. The biggest difference here is that the ‘naturapolis’ policy is more limited in terms of choice of care. You will only be reimbursed in full for care provided by care providers with whom the health insurer has concluded a contract. With the reimbursement policy you have a free choice of care, but sometimes you first have to pay costs yourself and then claim expenses. The reimbursement insurance is the most expensive variant. I always like to have the choice myself where I am going so I choose to advance it.

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Specific care needs? Compare additional packages!

If you want certain types of care such as physiotherapy, dentist, maternity care or alternative medicine to be paid by the insurer, it is important to look at the supplementary packages. These are not included in the basic insurance, which, incidentally, is always and everywhere the same in terms of content. Supplementary packages quickly lead to a substantial premium increase. Sometimes a bit difficult to compare because one pays a fixed amount per day and the other a maximum amount per year.

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If you want to include all data and wishes in a good comparison, I recommend that you consult a care comparator online. Here you simply enter your details, wishes and needs. The best matches are then selected for you based on the data entered. This saves a lot of work to sort everything out well, and more or less guarantees that you make the right choice. A good site for this.  Compare the health insurance policies .

Do you have to switch every year or not?

That you have to change every year is a bit short. Yet we see that the policies differ more and more each year. Health insurers adjust premiums and packages based on their average customer base. Ultimately, the intention is that they also start earning money, so if they find that a certain care discipline costs a lot of money, they may limit the reimbursements for this the following year. It is therefore worthwhile to make an annual comparison again to see whether you are still in the right position with your current insurer.

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What we also often see is that a large group of people are “trapped” with their current health insurer. They are afraid of change and think it is fine. Research shows that over the years this group literally throws away hundreds or even thousands of euros by never switching. The advice is therefore not to belong to this sleeping group and just sit down for an hour. If you can possibly save 250 euros on an annual basis in that hour, it is certainly well deserved!


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