35 Beautiful Women Outfits for the Summer Heat


For you who live in tropical countries, it is definitely not easy to deal with summer, starting from extreme temperature to the hot sun. However, you can actually fix it by using clothes that are suitable for summer. Here are some inspirations for you.

First, you should use comfortable clothes, either for its materials or colors. Make sure your clothing material can absorb sweat well like cotton and linen. Moreover, avoid colors that absorb the sun light, like black or dark colors. In addition, do not use layered clothes. Just wear simple outfit that’s not too thick but look cool. Blazer combination with shorts is a good idea to look more formal. However, if you prefer informal impression, jeans are the right choice.

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Next, wearing a skirt is not a bad idea in summer. Flare skirts and pencil skirts are very suitable to be combined with a cropped top. You will definitely look very chic. Then, head-to-toe white style is a brilliant choice as well. Besides functioning to reduce heat, white suits provide a quiet and simple effect. Furthermore, try to use other accessories, such as rattan bags, sneakers or flip-flops and sunglasses. It will complete your casual summer fashion.


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