30 Fashionable Winter Sweater For Women


As a self-proclaimed cold season-hater (fight me), I just don’t get Cold day dressing. Winter requires layers, with piles of coats, jackets, shirts, socks, scarves, until you’re sweating. The one favorable exception to fall is that the probability to wear a comfortable sweater. It works as a standalone item that can handle unpredictable weather, and even I admit they look great against a pumpkined backdrop. The Winter runway season explored new silhouettes, too, so you won’t tire of wearing the same one each day. Click through to check the most important hits in wear, ahead.

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Sweater weather is in full swing and this season’s stylish crop of comfy knits range from chunky and oversized to embellished and ruffled. And let’s not forget the return of the cardigan! Here, we’ve compiled 30 of our favorite knits of the season. Because in spite of what silhouette or vogue you’re searching for, a new sweater is the coolest way to stay warm on winter days.

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While the cardigan has spent the past few years on the back burner, this style is back in a big way. For a contemporary take, try a long, flowing silhouette paired with flaring trousers, or go all in on the retro atmosphere and tuck a shell tank into high-waisted jeans.


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