25 Stunning striped sweater for Women Winter Outfits


Clothing is an extremely important part of any woman’s life right from her youth up to her old age days. Women are very fussy when it comes to selecting the clothes of their choice to buy. They consider clothes shopping as one of the few precious things close to their hearts. Therefore finding the perfect cloth is a lengthy and hectic drill for every lady. In the process she has to invest a lot of time and effort and also if the choice is mistaken by chance, then there can be a heartbreaking feeling of wasting money.

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Striped design is extremely popular among young girls and boys. It is very attractive in appearance and the safest design option for clothing, be it a boy or a girl. Therefore, the striped pattern was also incorporated into Sweater designs as well, and it thereafter gained popularity. As of now, the striped women’s sweater is one of the most demanded among women’s sweater options.

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Dying involves the application of dyes on clothes after they are knit, embroidery involves weaving of an additional separate design on your clothes, printing involves imprinting designs on your cloth threads, but Fair Isle technique is different from all of these. It is basically a technique using colourful threads for knitting the cloth itself. Therefore, a Fair Isle Sweater is knit out of colourful threads without any dying or printing. This technique is quite rare and therefore extremely valuable.


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