25 Stunning Men Hairstyle to Rock Your Summer


As the new season starts to approach, it is time to step up with a fresh look. Hot summer weather might make some men want to consider new cooler hairstyles. Short cut is usually more common for summer, as most of us know. Fortunately, short hairstyles work for all types of hair. Whether it is curly, straight, or wavy, it can be modified to your liking.

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The classic undercut almost always looks good in any ways. It can be styled with variety of textures and volumes at the top. For a sharp style, it is good to match with straight slick back hair. Textured wavy hair can also work for the top part of the buzz without slick. For shorter option, the faded buzz cut is the simplest and also suited for various events.

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Even if shorter hair may be preferable, there is nothing wrong to go with longer option. It is completely okay to get surfer hair or fuzzy hair. Both are often styled for more relaxed looks. It is also not required many products for styling, as just letting the hair grow out is the only way to look natural. The only thing needed is just let the hair grow for four or five inches for minimum length.


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