25 Casual Winter Jacket For Women


A good winter coat ought to keep you toasty and dry without creating you seem like a candy. The Good housekeeping Institute Textiles laboratory researched a lot of down, wool, and active coats to seek out those with best performance and style. Our picks provide a variety of designs, price points, size offerings and activity levels, so you can buy one that lasts. Here’s what you should consider before you get shopping. Look for designs that are light-weight, breathable, and not too long if you plan to be moving around a lot, and consider coats that have added insulation if you think you’ll need one that’s super warm. The coat ought to even have flat, sealed seams to keep water out and design details that block cold air, such as drawstrings to cinch or a flap over the zipper.

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There are two kinds of people in the world – the ones who love winters, and the ones that quake with fear when told ‘Winter is coming.’ But if you in a place where winters run strong for 4-6 months a year, there’s no choice but to give in and embrace it. Some places give you a chance to doll up while others, sadly, freeze your anatomy if you are not well prepared. If you haven’t already realized where this is going, it all starts with a winter jacket. The idea is to invest in a good one that is functional and lasts for a long time. Are you looking for a winter jacket? Do you wish to know what your choices are? We’ve got this!


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