25 Best Professional Look by the Autumn


After enduring such a scorching temperature during summer, preparing work outfits for autumn becomes a fun thing to do. You can finally stop worrying about showing too much skin, and then just add some layers of professional outfit without getting heated inside. In short, autumn is the peak season for office fashion. In such a perfect momentum, you have to stand out perfectly, too.

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The first trick to impress your officemate is by applying monochrome dressing. You can wear a sweater under a camel vest. Polish it with trousers and statement heels, and you will be as astonishing as ever. If you are allowed to wear jeans in workplace, it is better to combine them with crisp blouse and formal heels. However, when the days got warmer, try a wrap dress covering a white T-shirt paired with white ankle boots. This will give you a breezy vibe under the sunlight.

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Some girls love navy style. If you are one of them, just wear navy sweaters alongside navy trousers. As alternative, just strike a navy kitten heels on your feet. However, we realize that the most common trousers for office hour are the wide-leg ones. So, if you have to wear them, try gray blazer as your top. It is still stylish, yet comfortable.


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