25 Best Casual Winter Jacket For Women


No matter what the colder months bring, the one item you won’t leave home without is your winter coat. If you live where temperatures may only drop to 40 degrees, you’ll need a light and breathable jacket that will protect you from the winter chill. However, if you reside up North, you most likely recognize that a good down coat is the final barrier between you and the harsh winter winds. When choosing a winter coat it’s important to look for an option that is not only cute, comfortable, and warm, but you should also consider your personal cold-weather preferences. Fans of ski trips should find insulated options that are weatherproof, while travelers who enjoy leisurely walking tours through Europe might prefer a sleek wool peacoat.

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Whether you’re looking for something lightweight or heavy-duty, there are almost too many options on the market. To help narrow it down, we’ve asked editors across the TODAY team to chime in on their favorite winter jackets for women. These top-rated jackets, outlined below, not only have near-perfect ratings, but they also have an overwhelming number of glowing five-star reviews between them. From cozy down coats to warm hooded parkas to ultra-chic peacoats, keep reading to see the best women’s winter jackets in stores now.


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