25 Amazing Women Streetstyle With Sneaker


Let me guess: There is at least one pair of white sneakers currently residing in your closet. They may not the most pair of shoes you own—or who knows, maybe you love them so much that you’ve nearly worn yours into the ground. One thing’s clear: They’re a staple item that’s proven to be so much more than a passing shoe trend. it’s finally time that we tend to curate our incomparable favorite white sneaker outfits. Before we do that, though, read up on how to keep them in pristine condition and shop the pairs that will never go out of style.

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When considering how one appearance their best in sneakers at any age, I studied the various ways that celebrities and prominent figures of the fashion world wear them outside of the gym. Midi-length hemlines, flares, cropped trousers, and even distressed jeans were paired with sleek separates and efficient sneakers with über-stylish results. There seemed to be a common theme of effortless simplicity when it came to both the sneakers and the outfits they paired with them. Want to see for yourself? Head below to look at the inspiring ways in which these ladies wear their sneakers, and search sleek pairs that any people would love. scroll down and enjoy.


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