25 Amazing Look With Your Curly Hair


Do you want to look younger and fresh?  Well, you should try curly hair. Most of you may assume it is difficult to manage curly hair, but actually it can be more stylish and different. There are several hairdos that you can try, such as wavy bob or long curly bob style.

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If you who want a simple look with curly hair, just tie your hair a little higher and make a bun. In addition, you can use head band that instantly becomes a statement accessory. If you want something more, try long turban. In this case, you need to find the suitable color that suits to the tone of your skin and hair. If you already find it, just knot it to your head. Your wavy hair will be simple and beautiful. In addition, for another choice, try to color the hair with bold tones like red Irish or calm ones, such as blue, brown or ash.

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After all the treatments above, don’t forget to keep your curly hair healthy. Start with regularly cleaning it by choosing products that can maintain the texture of your hair. Don’t forget to use conditioner. Just dry your hair well and do a light arrangement to keep it outstanding.


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