20 Perfect Hairstyle for Thick Hair


“Hair is a crown for women”. This is one of the proverbs that we often hear. However, some women feel that sometimes their hair can be the source of problems as well, especially for those who have thick hair. As we know, thick hair takes a long time to set up, and the cost for maintenance might be more expensive. One of the problems that often arise is the level of difficulty to organize this hair type. However, with the effort and some type of hairstyle, your hair will definitely look prettier.

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First, choose the right type of haircut, such as bob hairstyle. Some women love this style as thick hair can create the natural volume effect. However, if you feel bob gives a formal and stiff impression, you can use a iron flat to make a wavy hair. Second, choose shaggy hairstyle which is perfect for you who like something fresh and light. Yes, it is simple yet attractive.

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In addition, the other idea is curly hanging hairstyle. For you who regret cutting your thick and long hair, just apply this idea. Finally, if you feel that changing your hairstyle feels troublesome, just use the ponytail or braid technique.


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