20+ Haircuts That Will Rock Your Summer


A haircut can say a lot about us. A good haircut is meant to complement your facial features and supposed to flatter our face. There are a lot of haircuts you can choose to change your appearances. However, when summer time comes, the heat and humidity can be a bit of problems. To keep those problems away and keep your head cool, certain haircuts will help.

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Nowadays, pixie haircut is really popular. It is classic and timeless by nature, but also can be trendy with modern colors and styles. It can work for both men and women, even though it is originally created for men. This will open up the face, put focus on eyes, elongate the neck, and accentuate the cheek bones. It works on all types of hair. The right kind of pixie haircut can add dimension to the hair volume, and also increase the thickness look. Not to mention it only needs low maintenance. Washing, drying, and styling pixie haircut will take less time than any other longer haircuts. Of course, with a little bit of creativity, long bangs or short fringe can also be added. It is best to consult with a stylist to consider which kind of pixie cuts will suit our shape our head and face the best.


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