20+ Colorfull Winter Work Outfits You Can Copy


Getting dressed for work in winter may be confusing—especially after you consider those temperamental workplace climates. (It’s always either way too hot or way too cold, right?) So what to wear when it’s hovering in the low twenties outside but feels above 80 degrees in your cubicle? We can help with that. Check out these no-fail office outfits that’ll be your winter dressing solution. Each one is completely trendy, professional, and just the right amount of warm. and for sure, make your day bright and shine, just like you.

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Some Girls love a calorfull outfits year-round, but integrating them into your winter work wardrobe isn’t quite as simple as just throwing one on in the summer. The trick? Seek out heavier materials, renew your obsession with long sleeves, and fill up on Uniqlo’s Heattech tights (seriously, they are warmer than pants). Ahead, some work dresses ideas that will help you survive the cold without sacrificing style. Don’t be afraid of layering for additional warmth, particularly on top — a silk button front blouse layers nicely under most sweaters as well as some sleeveless sheath dresses; a thin turtleneck can also be a great layering piece when you just need warmth.Sheath dresses or sweater dresses can also be great — especially if you’re dealing with a warmer winter with a lot of slush and puddles. They’re warm enough that you’re not freezing, and the tights + dress + boot combo leaves you without any too-long trouser legs to get wet.


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