20+ Amazing Hairstyle For Back To School


Being teenagers is the time to concern with appearance. Everything must be perfect, especially for girls who often confused about how to arrange their long hair. Well, don’t worry about this matter as there are some fresh ideas for long hairstyle that you can apply anytime.

The first hairstyle to try is cute curly ponytail. This style is great for school when you have overslept and need something quick in the morning. By only giving a curly touch at the ends of your hair and the tie in ponytail, you just ready to go. This casual yet catchy style is suitable for all situations. Second idea is twisted braid. The easy method with great results of this hairstyle will be perfect to apply for long hair. Just start with high ponytail then wrap the left section over the right. For the last touch, secure the end with clear elastic. Another idea is double braid ponytail. You need to make two braids on the right and left side, and then wrap it in a ponytail.

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As a note, don’t tie your hair too hard as it may cause headache. That’s a few of easy hairstyles for teenage girls. Just add some cute hair accessories to build your style. Remember that simple look makes you perfect.


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