16 Ways to Keep Fashionable On Frezing Weekend


Now that you have packed away your party dresses, you might be feeling uninspired by your wardrobe – but despite the freezing cold temperatures and wet, dark evenings, this time of year does not have to mean compromising on style. While planning your outfits according to the forecast to find in the most perfect pieces, here are 16 tips for dressing well in winter. Sometimes, winter calls for us to put our heads before our hearts and choose trusty, weather-appropriate clothing rather than valuing fashion above everything. This means: pack away your backless loafers until spring, leave your lightweight skirts in the wardrobe, say goodbye to those off-the-shoulder tops for now and opt for winter-proof pieces that will keep you warm and dry.

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Always important if you want your ensemble to look expensive, but especially true in winter so that you don’t end up with soggy hemlines dragging along the ground. Not so stylish. Below you’ll find outfits that work for just about every occasion in the coming (chilly) months. And with staples that run the gamut from fast fashion to designer, there’s a little something for every budget. Getting to the crux of it, we can safely say there’s no shortage of winter style ideas ahead. So whether you’re all about the statement coat, or if minimalism is more your look, there’s an inspiring outfit to try.


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