15 Bright and Shine Work Outfits You Can Copy


When we consider a “heat wave” anything above 30 degrees, getting dressed for work seems like is a completely daunting task. Wearing the same turtleneck and jeans five times over becomes the new office uniform, and before we know it layering feels like a second job. Don’t let your wardrobe suffer with the weather—get inspired with these 15 chic options. In this final guide to the simplest ladies work outfits we are going to share with you loads of inspirational ideas for various seasons and for various designs. If you wish dress within the workplace to appear classical, casual, edgy, glamour, sophisticated or chic, we’re here to help!

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We know it’s easy to feel uninspired or fall into a rut of wearing the same few pieces over and over—especially in the winter—which is why we’re sharing our favorite trendy professional clothes to keep things feeling fresh. Continue scrolling for our guide to winter work outfits for girls. If it’s dark and gloomy outside, be your own burst of sunshine by opting for a radiant pop of color. Choose a top in an unexpected shade (we prefer something from the yellow color family) and style it with ankle pants in a deep, contrasting color. A patterned blazer that incorporates the same hues as your top and bottom is an easy way to give your outfit a cohesive feel.


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